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Mindspace Week at the Virtual Village Hall, 10-14 October

Monday 10th October is World Mental Health Day, organised by the World Health Organisation to protect and improve mental health across the world. These continue to be challenging times for our mental wellbeing. From 10-14 October, we invite you to take a little time for yourself for some mindful self-care. Join us here for Mindspace Week when we’ll be exploring the NHS 5 Steps to Mental Wellbeing. You’ll find a full programme of caring content, from coaching sessions on managing stress and making social connections, to yoga, meditation, gentle exercise and cooking.

If you or someone you know may need further help, support or advice, visit the ReThink website at

Tutor: Alison Mott, writer, writing coach, story collector and teacher

Join Alison for the first session of this six part series on how to write your own book.

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Tutor: Emma Hackett, professional coach and Mental Health First Aider

Join professional coach and Mental Health First Aider, Emma, as she discusses the impact of stress on our mental health and wellbeing.

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Tutor: April Moon, Pilates instructor

Join regular Virtual Village Hall Pilates instructor, April Moon, for a gentle Pilates class that is suitable for beginners and those new to Pilates.

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Tutor: Karolina Kozera, sound therapist

Join Yoga teacher and Sound therapist, Karolina, as she introduces sound therapy and its benefits.

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Tutor: Daniela Centola, Holistic therapist

In this session, Daniela covers breathing techniques, relaxation exercises, and visualization to discover the peace between our thoughts.

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Tutor: Stella Sheldon, therapist, coach and community artist

Immerse yourself in the act of mindful drawing with Stella Sheldon.

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Tutor: Tess Sanderson

Join Tess, the Virtual Village Hall’s resident laughter yoga instructor, as she leads a session to re-energise and relax ourselves.

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Tutor: Andy Osborne, fitness coach and personal trainer

Join personal trainer, Andy, for a high intensity interval-based workout.

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Tutor: Mike Springer, chef

Join Mike Springer, award-winning chef and owner of Big Mike’s Calypso Kitchen for some Caribbean cooking!

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Tutor: Elaine Fisher, coach

Elaine explores how the natural world can bring meaning to our lives, and how walking and talking in the outdoors can boost well-being.

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