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In challenging times, our mental health can come under strain which can leave us feeling unsettled, anxious and overwhelmed. Relaxing, mindful and gentle forms of exercise like yoga and meditation have been shown to have beneficial effects on our stress and anxiety levels, making us feel calmer and better able to manage the pressures of life. Here at the Virtual Village Hall, you’ll find a range of mindful activities to relax and calm the mind and body. You’ll also find information about the importance of staying safe, warm and well to support winter health and wellbeing.

No special equipment required, just a sturdy chair for seated sessions. Our tutors are all experienced instructors so you can rest assured you’ll be in safe hands.

Please take care to ensure that your health and safety are a priority when taking part in these sessions and note that you are undertaking all Health & Wellbeing sessions at your own risk. When taking part in any of these activities, please ensure that you:

Risk assess your area: Make sure you have adequate space and clear any potential hazards e.g chairs and tables.
Stay hydrated: Drink water before, during and after a session and take it steady in hot weather.
Know your limits: Only do what feels comfortable to your fitness level. Take breaks when needed.
Pre-existing health conditions: If you have a pre-existing health condition (for example: heart conditions, diabetes, back injuries, pregnant) please consider whether this programme is suitable for you.  If in doubt, it may be best that you do not take part, or consult a doctor.
Age: Stick to the level of activity you can manage.  Make sure that any children are supervised at all times by an adult.
Wear comfortable clothing and footwear: Wear comfortable clothing and appropriate footwear for all exercise activities.
In case of an emergency: Keep your mobile phone nearby.



We all strive for good health. Here at the Virtual Village Hall, you’ll find activities that support both physical and mental health, as well as guides to staying well.

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Take some time for yourself at the Virtual Village Hall with a selection of gentle, mindful activities like coaching and positive reflection.

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Moments of peace and quiet can be few and far between in our lives. Join one of our Virtual Village Hall meditation sessions and enjoy some inner calm and tranquillity.

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