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We all strive for good health. Here you’ll find themed sessions hosted by GPs, doctors and other experts, as well as downloadable guides to staying well.

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DAW 24: Caring for someone with dementia - Dementia Carer's Count - Istock 1576851402

Caring for someone with Dementia

Part of Dementia Action Week 2024

Dr Amir Khan

Ask me anything about dementia

Part of Dementia Action Week 2024

Dr Laura Booi

Brain Health & Dementia Risk Reduction

Part of Dementia Action Week 2024

a close up of someone sat on the floor on a workout mat and stretching their hamstrings whilst seated with a water bottle next to their foot

Warming up and cooling down

Part of Get Moving Week 2023

a chalk outline of a human head and brain with a little heart at the top

The BrainFit Workout

Part of Mindspace Week 2021

a pair of children's hands holding a red heart, being held by a pair of adult hands on a blue background

The mental benefits of volunteering

Part of Mindspace Week 2021

Lifestyle Habits Frances Rayner Live Thumbnail 365×240

Lifestyle habits

a selection of vegetables

Harness the power of plants

A woman in a red jumper dancing with headphones on on a yellow background

Movement as medicine

a woman with her eyes closed against a blue sky background

Menopause health and wellbeing