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Indulging ourselves with a slice of cake with a cup of tea or coffee now and then is a real luxury. Here you’ll find some tempting recipes to try at home. We’ve road-tested them all and can guarantee that they taste delicious!

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Vegan dessert squares on a white plate topped with blueberries

Vegan desserts

pink white and yellow sugar paste roses

Sugar paste roses

a lemon and poppy seed drizzle cake on a cooling rack surrounded by lemons

Lemon drizzle cake

a stack of homemade welsh cakes ready to be cooked

Making Welsh Cakes

fresh homemade Crepes Suzette on a plate decorated with a scoop of white vanilla ice cream, maple syrup and a small yellow flower

Crêpes suzette

A slice of chocolate cheesecake on a white plate

Chocolate cheesecake

Cheese Scones Michelle Wilding Istock 505218494

Cheese scones

Blackberry Crumble Cake Meinir Fon Hughes Istock 962496128

Blackberry crumble cake

Blackberry Cheesecake Meinir Fon Hughes Istock 511575043

Blackberry cheesecake

Blackberry Sorbet Meinir Fon Hughes Istock 929094700

Blackberry sorbet

Beetroot And Chocolate Cake Michelle Wilding Istock 157604186

Beetroot and chocolate cake

a close up of a mini mince pie with a star shaped top dusted with icing sugar

Mince pies

different coloured macarons on a pink background

Macaron masterclass

lemon shortcake biscuits topped with white zigzag icing on a pink plate

Lemon shortbread