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Growing your own plants, fruit and vegetables can be extremely satisfying, and delicious too! Join the Virtual Village Hall’s gardening experts for top tips, advice and support for successful growing and gardening.

Some gardening activities involve using sharp tools or equipment. Please take care to ensure that your health and safety are a priority when taking part in these sessions.

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a person wearing a blue shirt and colourful gardening gloves holding a plant in a pot

Gardening Q&A

a black and white handprinted seed packet made by Rachel Moore with yellow flowers resting next to it

Hand printed seed packets

a close up of planted fresh herbs

Plant a mini herb garden

a close up of a green succulent plant on a white background

Houseplants for Free

Indoor Allotment Regan Hirst Image

Dementia-friendly Indoor Allotment

Part of Dementia Action Week 2024

A close up of red geraniums

Overwintering Geraniums

A close up of some purple spouting micro salad leaves

Micro Veg

a person holding a wooden pallet box full of vegetables

Growing vegetables Q&A

herbs growing in terracotta plant pots lined up on a window sill

Growing seeds on your windowsill

a close up of hands holding 3 big red tomatoes

Organic gardening Q&A with Terry Walton

a close up of hands planting a seedling in a cardboard pot

Taking soft wood cuttings

Homegrown sweet peas in a glass jar

Sow your sweet pea seeds

a watering can and red garden sheers and a garden trowel laid out on a wooden table against a brick wall

Money saving tips for winter containers

A close up of someone wearing gardening gloves and planting bulbs in soil

Bulb planting