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The Virtual Village Hall is a brilliant place for bookworms. Here you’ll find author interviews, book chat and reading recommendations.

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Keith Brymer Jones Image

Q+A with Keith Brymer Jones

Johnathan Whitelaw Listening Books Image

Q+A with Jonathon Whitelaw

Elly Griffiths Image 1

Q+A with Elly Giffiths

Dean Burnett Image

Q&A with Dr Dean Burnett

Paterson Joseph Image

Q+A with Paterson Joseph

Q+A with Paterson Joseph

Charlie Corbett Image

Q+A with Charlie Corbett

Poetry Reading Rowan Mccabe Live Thumbnail 365×250Px

Poetry reading

Lockdown Literature Issy Bailey Live Thumbnail 365X250

Lockdown literature

Beth O'leary Image

Q+A with Beth O'Leary

Owen King Image

Q+A with Owen King

Ben Aaronovitch Image

Q+A with Ben Aaronovitch