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The Virtual Village Hall’s writers and writing coaches are here to inspire and encourage you to put pen to paper. With creative prompts and inspiring backdrops to fire the imagination, you’ll soon feel like a confident writer. No writing experience necessary.

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a 99 cone ice cream with a flake against the backdrop of a seaside view

Creative writing 4

a close up of someone holding a pen and writing in a journal

Creative writing 5

a woman wearing a yellow jumper and green scarf writing in a journal at a desk and looking out of the window

Creative writing 3

a close up of someone wearing a yellow jumper writing in a journal

Creative writing 2

A close up of a pen writing in a note book

Creative writing 1

a woman explaining something to two men using a tablet

How to write a book 5

Portrait of a woman with her chin resting on her arms crossed looking out over a balcony

How to write a book 6

Two best friends laughing and having a good time together

How to write a book 4

Cheerful child having fun playing and blowing a dandelion into the air in a park.

How to write a book 3

Restored Victorian red brick houses with coloured doors

How to write a book 2

A Happy Woman Hugging Her Mother While She Is Sitting In The Kitchen And Drinking Tea

How to write a book 1

a family of four enjoying a country walk wearing wellies

Creative writing 16

a gold grown with sapphire jewels

Creative writing 15

two gold theatre masks on a red velvet background

Creative writing 14

a person stood at the top of a mountain helping another person up to the summit

Creative writing 13