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Toolbelts and glue guns at the ready! This is the place to find great ideas to make and mend around the home.

Some DIY & upcycling activities involve using sharp tools or power equipment. Please take care to ensure that your health and safety are a priority when taking part in these sessions.

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Make Your Own Fabric Softener & Dishwasher Rinse Aid Jo Mantini Istock 1141016048

Fabric softener & dishwasher rinse aid

a close up of someone peeling blue masking tape of a white painted wall

DIY around the home: Painting basics and how to use masking tape

a close up of someone filling in a crack on a white wall

DIY around the home: Filling holes and cracks

a close up of someone checking a door handle and lock

DIY around the home: Locks and door handles

a woman putting up a DIY shelf at home using a drill

DIY around the home: Shelving

carious DIY tools like a hammer and nails and measuring tape on a wooden background

DIY around the House: Introduction to tools & fixings