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Here in the Lifestyle section of the Virtual Village Hall, you’ll find a selection of gentle, mindful activities designed to bring positivity to our lives. Professional coach Lisa leads three enriching coaching sessions on values, self-compassion and spheres of control, and writer and artist Julie demonstrates how to make ‘Bags of Hope’, a reminder of the good things in life. 

Presenter: Frances Rayner, midlife wellbeing coach and personal trainer

Join personal trainer and midlife wellbeing coach, Frances, for a session about midlife mindset and habits that support menopause symptoms.

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Presenter: Tracey Funnell, Legal & General

Join Tracey Funnell, Health and Care Team Business Manager from Legal & General, as she guides us through the typical care journey and introduces the Legal & General Care Concierge.

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Tutor: Emma Hackett

Join Emma Hackett, as she invites us ‘get moving’ by focusing on setting goals and defining a direction for 2022.

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Tutor: Tess Sanderson

Laughter yoga leader Tess shows us how laughter can get us moving, with laughter boxing, stretching and breathing.

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Tutor: Emma Rose, hypnotherapist

Throughout this session, Emma talks about the difference between ‘good’ and ‘bad’ stress, and changing the narrative of negative thoughts.

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Tutor: Phil Blackburn

Join Qi Gong instructor, Phil, for this introduction to the ancient Chinese exercise and healing technique.

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Juliet Mosney, NHS Volunteer Responder

Join Royal Voluntary Service volunteer, Juliet, as she discusses how being an NHS Volunteer Responder benefits her mental wellbeing.

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Tutor: Lisa Quinn, Executive coach

Join Lisa for short life coaching sessions on values, self-compassion, Spheres of Control and more on the Virtual Village Hall from Royal Voluntary Service

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Tutor: Julie, writer and artist

Writer and artist Julie as she demonstrates how to make ‘Bags of Hope’ which are designed to encourage and support positive thinking.

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