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Having hobbies and interests is great for health and wellbeing. Finding activities that we enjoy keeps us occupied, stimulated, entertained and challenged, and gives us a sense of purpose and satisfaction, particularly if we improve at something over time. At the Virtual Village Hall, you’ll find a wide range of activities to try, most of them designed for complete beginners, including regular courses.



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a close up of someone wearing a yellow jumper writing in a journal

Creative writing 1

Recycled paper greetings cards in a variety of coloured paper with the header displaying the words "lots of love"

Handmade recycled greeting cards

Painted ceramic plant pots in a variety of colours depicting a painted image of Frida Kahlo's face with eyes closed

Painted plant pots

elderly male holding a paintbrush with his left hand painting on canvas

Mindful abstract painting

silver coloured lino printed pattern on black background depicting image of Frida Kahlo

Simple lino printing

Mexican Inspired silver heart shaped foil decoration being held up

Mexican-inspired foil decorations

Mexican Inspired Christmas Tree Gifts using a variety of colours and materials displaying two black and white images of famous Mexican females in history against a gold and white fabric background

Mexican-inspired Christmas tree gifts

super easy circle wall hangings made with multicoloured yarn with rosie johnson

Easy Circular Wall Hangings

person holding a square parcel wrapped in brown paper, string and a leaf

Gift wrapping and making gift tags

Brown paper wrapped in brown twine in a bow

Make your own wrapping paper

Multi-coloured shadow box shrine made with a variety of materials displaying a paper image of the singer Dolly Parton with the word "Dolly" displayed to the left of her

Shadow box shrine

decorative baubles is a variety of colours with hand painted patterns painted onto them with gold string attached to each of them

Easy Decorated Baubles

Matchbox Shrine in a variety of colours made with paper and sequins with air dry clay decorations in the shape of skulls against a pink and gold background

Matchbox shrine with air-dry clay decoration

Multi-coloured abstract tunnel card depicting a nature scene

Simple abstract 3D tunnel card

multi-coloured weaved wall hanging in a variety of string and thread material against a teal blue background

Weaved wall hangings