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Winter wellness activities this winter

Royal Voluntary Service and Yakult hosted a series of events at the Virtual Village Hall to help you Stay Safe, Warm and Well. These well-inspired activities include information on home security, a gut health recipe, energy saving tips and an at home winter workout class, delivered by expert tutors. 

Stay Safe, Warm and Well guide

To support people facing the challenges of the winter ahead, Royal Voluntary Service and Yakult have produced the Stay Safe, Warm and Well guide. This free guide includes vital information such as money saving advice, COVID advice, how to keep active and eat a healthy diet, how to ensure your home is gas safe, who to call in a power emergency, contacts for mental health support, and where to find essential NHS contact details. The advice in the guide is designed to help people better manage the risks that are exacerbated by the current conditions and time of year.

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Dark nights crime prevention

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