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Eating delicious food is one of life’s pleasures and learning to make something tasty from scratch is a life skill that we can learn at any age. Whether you’re a star baker or a novice cook, you’ll find some tasty recipes and techniques here to make at home. Why not try something new like making lemon curd or making a Greek pitta bread? Our tutors are experienced cooks and bakers and will take you through some simple recipes step by step. You’ll find details of what you need to get started and wherever possible, recipes use ingredients that are easy to get hold of and standard kitchen equipment. Some of the sessions have accompanying instruction sheets to print and download. 

Some cooking and baking sessions involve using sharp knives, heat or electrical equipment. Please take care to ensure that your health and safety are a priority when taking part in these sessions.


There’s nothing like the smell of fresh bread, and it’s all the sweeter if you’ve made it yourself. Learn how here at the Virtual Village Hall.

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Cakes & sweet treats

Eating a slice of cake that you’ve made yourself is a pretty joyful, satisfying experience. You’ll find scrumptious recipes and expert cake decorating demos here at the Virtual Village Hall.

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If you’re a pudding person, the Virtual Village Hall is the place for you, with tempting dessert recipes to try at home.

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The Virtual Village Hall bar is open! Mixologist Cameron Attfield shows how to make a long, refreshing cocktail (and mocktail) to enjoy at home.

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Jams & conserves

For a fruity citrus burst, join jam maker Rae as she demonstrates how to make a simple lemon curd from her home kitchen. You’ll love the zing!

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Savoury dishes

Bored of eating the same meals? Why not mix things up a bit with a tasty new recipe from the Virtual Village Hall’s chefs, using simple ingredients for maximum taste!

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If you’re a fan of Meat-Free Monday or Veganuary, take a look at the Virtual Village Hall’s tempting vegetarian and vegan recipe demonstrations.

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