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Who doesn’t feel better after a deep breath of fresh air? It’s great to spend time outdoors in nature and here at the Virtual Village Hall, you’ll find talks, tutorial sessions and Q&As with a green theme. Whether you have a window box, balcony, courtyard or formal garden, our gardening experts will be here with advice and inspiration. If you’re passionate about nature, there will be sessions about the natural world to immerse yourself in.   

Some gardening activities involve using sharp tools, materials or equipment. Please take care to ensure that your health and safety are a priority when taking part in these sessions.


Bring the outdoors indoors with a beautiful flower display that you’ve arranged yourself. Join our floristry experts for step-by-step demonstrations and advice.

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Grow your own & gardening

Nothing beats the taste of fruit and veg you’ve grown yourself. Join the Virtual Village Hall gardening experts for their top tips for successful growing and gardening.

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Time spent in nature is good for body and soul. Join the Virtual Village Hall experts for tips on encouraging more ‘wild’ into our lives.

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