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Here you’ll find lots of satisfying, creative, hands-on sessions to try at home, like collage, floristry, folk art, pebble painting and printmaking. All sessions use materials and equipment that you’re likely to have at home or should be able to get hold of easily. To help you get prepared, we’ll tell you roughly how long each session will take and what you’ll need to take part. Then our expert Virtual Village Hall tutors will talk you through each step. Get ready to get creative and, most importantly, to admire your handiwork! We’d love to see any pictures of your creative Virtual Village Hall projects on our Facebook page. Some of the sessions have accompanying instruction sheets to print and download. 

Some craft activities involve using sharp tools, materials or equipment. Please take care to ensure that your health and safety are a priority when taking part in these sessions.


Calligraphy or decorative lettering gives an elegant touch to craft projects and correspondence. Why not get curly and creative with a pen and ink today!

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Christmas crafts

Deck the Halls with a selection of festive crafts, makes and handmade gift ideas made here at the Virtual Village Hall. These seasonal sessions are packed full of Christmas spirit.

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Get craft-y here at the Virtual Village Hall with a huge selection of home makes and gifts to try your hand at.

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Drawing & painting

Let’s get creative! Why not pick up a drawing pencil, paintbrush or pen today and see where it takes you?

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Printing is a decorative art form using ink or paint. Choose from our range of print art sessions and have a go at home.

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