Q&A with Richelle Wilder and Isibéal Balance, producers of The Amazing Mr Blunden, the 2021 Sky Christmas special

Guests: Richelle Wilder and Isibéal Balance, film producers

Join producers, Richelle Wilder and Isibéal Balance, as they discuss the 2021 Sky Original Christmas Eve family adventure, The Amazing Mr Blunden. The Amazing Mr Blunden is a time-travelling ghost story adapted from Antonia Barber’s children’s fantasy novel, ‘The Ghosts’, and inspired by the classic 1972 Lionel Jeffries film of the same name. It stars Simon Callow, Mark Gatiss and Tamsin Greig, and a cast of talented young newcomers. Tune in to hear Richelle and Isibéal discuss the making of the film, the cast, the challenges of adapting a classic text for TV and filming during Covid restrictions, and the film’s heartwarming message.

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Video time: 20 minutes


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