Move It or Lose It: Gentle chair-based exercise

Tutor: Julie, Move It or Lose It instructor

Move It or Lose It is a gentle exercise programme designed by award-winning exercise instructor Julie Robinson to help people keep active in later life. Julie joins us at the Virtual Village Hall to host a Move It or Lose It chair-based exercise session to music. The 10-minute seated class is designed to  boost circulation, increase mobility and strengthen muscles. To take part in the session, you will need a sturdy chair (not an armchair). If you have a resistance band and soft pipe insulation at home, you can also use these in the class. You will be still be able to take part in the class without these items.

Prep: make sure you have plenty of space, clear any potential hazards, are wearing comfortable clothes and shoes/trainers. Use a sturdy, upright chair (not an armchair). 

Session time: 10 minutes


What you need to take part:

  • Space to stretch out and move
  • Comfortable clothing and shoes/trainers
  • A chair or surface to hold on to for anyone with mobility issues
  • Water

If available:

  • A resistance band
  • A tube such as soft pipe insulation, empty toilet roll or kitchen roll tube

You will still be able to take part in the class without these items


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