Creative writing workshop 1

Tutor: Alison, writer, writing coach, story collector and teacher

In this enjoyable, interactive 30 minute session, Alison will guide you through a fun creative writing process, using prompt materials and reading sections of text to release the writer inside. To join in, bring along a piece of paper, a pen and your imagination and see what you can create.

Alison’s workshop has an accompanying instruction sheet to download which includes more creative writing activities to try.

Prep: find a quiet space to take part

Video time: 30 minutes



What you need to take part:

  • A piece of paper
  • A pen
  • Your imagination

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Download instruction sheet


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Creative writing workshop 2

Alison, writer, writing coach, story collector and teacher

Alison guides you through another fun creative writing process. No writing experience require, just bring some paper, a pen and your imagination.

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Issy Bailey, Masters in Literature student and Paralympian

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