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SalsaFit in the garden

Tutor: Tracey Vowels, community fitness instructor

Join community exercise instructor, Tracey, om her beautiful garden for a fun, lively 30 minute SalsaFit class, with gentle toning exercises for arms using light weights. This is a class designed to lift the spirits so find some outside space if possible, enjoy the music, and dance along with Tracey's moves. If you don’t have light hand weights at home, you can use tins from the store cupboard or bottles of water.

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Make sure you have plenty of space, clear any potential hazards, wear comfortable clothes and shoes/trainers.

Video time

30 minutes

Summer Salsa Fit Class in the Garden with Tracey Vowels

Summer Salsa
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  • Plenty of space to move
  • Comfortable clothing and shoes/trainers
  • Light hand weights (or use tins or bottles of water)
  • Water