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Step Aerobics

Tutor: Jo Andrews

Join personal trainer Jo for a fun-packed Step Aerobics class. This classic cardio workout involves step movements on and around a raised platform, boosting your heart rate and breathing, and strengthening muscles. Don't worry if you don’t have a step at home – just join in using floor space to move.

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Video time

45 minutes

Get Moving Week 23: Step aerobics | Virtual Village Hall | Royal Voluntary Service

Step Aerobics Jo Andrews
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  • A Step Aerobics step or plenty of floor space to move
  • Comfortable exercise clothing and trainers
  • Water

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Get Moving Week at the Virtual Village Hall is a great place to start some healthy habits. Watch again and exercise, dance, be active and have fun. It’s free and open to all, with expert instructors, friendly chat and a wide range of classes to try. We’re sure you’ll feel better for taking part.    

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