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Make time to realign your posture: The Egoscue Method

Tutor: Jo Andrews

Is working from home or carrying a child on your hip a pain in the neck? Do you spend most of your day in a fixed position? Would you like to improve your posture? Whatever your situation, if you experience aches and pains, give yourself a 30 minute Lunchtime Posture Reset with Postural Alignment Specialist and fitness instructor, Jo Andrews.

Jo guides us through the Egoscue Method to straighten us up, change our habits and get our body moving as it was designed to. Through a series of simple realignment exercises, Jo helps us step into our afternoon more balanced, both posturally and mentally. Suitable for all ages and abilities (it’s not a workout!).

This class is part of an ongoing series. Visit our YouTube channel to see previous sessions.

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Video time

35 minutes

Make Time to Realign your Posture 78 with Jo Andrews

Make Time To Realign
Play video
  • A pillow or cushion
  • A chair
  • A dressing gown strap or yoga strap

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