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Introduction to HulaFit

Tutor: Caz Keeping-Coventry, certified HulaFit instructor

Join HulaFit instructor, Caz, for an introduction to hula hooping! Caz shows us how to keep the hoop moving, with variations for how to use a hula hoop for a challenging full body workout. You will need a hul hoop t take part, ideally a weighted one, and not a children’s one!

This class is part of an ongoing series. Visit our YouTube channel to see previous sessions.

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Make sure you have plenty of space, clear any potential hazards, wear comfortable, non-loose clothing and shoes.

Video time

37 minutes

  • Plenty of space to move
  • Comfortable exercise clothing and shoes (avoid loose clothing)
  • Water
  • A hula hoop (preferably weighted and not a children’s one!)

HulaFit with Caz Keeping-Coventry

Hulafit Caz Keeping Coventry
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