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Chair Burlesque for beginners

Tutors: Sammy-Jo Hesketh and Annemarie Hlavacova, The Crystal Blossom Sisters

Join the Crystal Blossom Sisters for a fun Chair Burlesque Dance session, designed to help people of all ages and body shapes feel empowered, confident and sexy. Learn moves and unleash their inner Sasha Fierce or Dita Von Tease. Dancing to uplifting and empowering music can guarantee burning calories too! Each session will aim to build friendships, get fit, feel sexy, and most importantly have fun! We dance in leggings and vest tops, so nakedness isn't necessary!


Make sure you have plenty of space, clear any potential hazards, wear comfortable clothing and shoes.

Video time

44 minutes

Get Moving Week 23: Chair Burlesque with The Crystal Blossom Sisters

A woman dancing with a feather fan
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  • A stable chair
  • Plenty of space to move
  • Comfortable clothing and flat shoes or bare feet
  • Water

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Get Moving Week at the Virtual Village Hall is a great place to start some healthy habits. Watch again and exercise, dance, be active and have fun. It’s free and open to all, with expert instructors, friendly chat and a wide range of classes to try. We’re sure you’ll feel better for taking part.    

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