Chapatis and Daal

Tutor: Priya Sundar, Indian cook

Join Indian cook, Priya (also the Virtual Village Hall’s resident Indian classical dance tutor!), as she demonstrates how to make the traditional North Indian staple, Chapatis and Daal.

Preparation: set out your ingredients and equipment. If you are planning on cooking the Daal along with Priya’s video, she recommends cooking the lentils just before and keeping them ready to be used. Priya uses green split gram or red lentils (Moong Dhal) for this recipe.

Video time: 39 minutes


Materials and equipment you'll need to take part:

For the Chapati

    • Wheat flour
    • Salt
    • Water
    • Oil

For the Daal

      • Moong Dhal (green split gram or red lentils)
      • Onions
      • Green Chillies
      • Red Chillies
      • Tomatoes
      • Coriander

Find out more about Priya’s dance at


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